Dear JAG members,

I am pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Fifth Annual JAG Works-In-Progress Retreat at Lake Arrowhead, May 12-14, 2017 (Friday-Sunday). As the title indicates, the retreat is for intensive group discussion of well-formed works in progress, that is, substantial writings complete with appropriate scholarly apparatus etc. Once again we hope to have a balanced mix of graduate students and faculty for the event. As always, the goal will be to “create an atmosphere of constructive support and interchange among the group” in furtherance of the work and our intellectual exchange (to borrow from Miriam Wattles’ words from the inaugural 2008 event).

Each participant is responsible for reading, in advance, the writings of their fellow group members, and being prepared to offer commentary. We typically have a couple groups of perhaps seven or eight members each. Participants take turns discussing each others’ work, with each participant receiving approximately an hour of focused, constructive commentary. This can be a transformative experience: the previous iterations of the experience were highly successful for the participants, as attested to by the many subsequent publications and dissertation chapters.

Graduate student participants will find this an invaluable chance to get helpful, informed, attentive commentary on your work from a broad variety of perspectives—as indeed will faculty participants. Our fifth annual event is funded by UCLA, the Terasaki Center, and our many supporting JAG institutions. Those selected to participate will have their stays paid for by JAG (including lodging and meals). I hope also to help students with travel expenses, but can make no guarantees at this time (see below). Car pooling etc. is encouraged, where possible.

Qualifications: faculty and graduate student applicants will be considered from JAG member institutions; we will also consider participation requests from JAG alumni. Prospective JAG institutions are also welcome to apply, though they will have to self-fund (contact me for details). To be considered, please submit a one-paragraph summary, and a current draft of the paper or chapter to be considered; send them to with “JAG retreat” in the subject line. I’m asking to receive your requests by April 5, though early submissions are encouraged, as are short messages of initial interest in advance of the application. I will let successful applicants know of their status shortly after the deadline.

Accommodations: double and single occupancy rooms will be provided courtesy of JAG, along with meals. We also hope to reimburse students for reasonable travel (contact me for details), but will ask for your help in arranging car pools etc. as possible to minimize costs.

Rough Schedule: people will arrive in the late afternoon of the 12th; we’ll have orientation and dinner that night, and get organized into groups. The next day will be the intensive group sessions, followed by a final morning get-together on the 14th and an optional lunch.

Families/non-participants: Lake Arrowhead has many facilities and attractions for family members and partners to enjoy while the JAG participants convene, and they are welcome, as always. You would have to pay for their stay (it’s a discounted “non-participant” rate—contact me for details). Participants can expect to be completely busy apart from meals during the Saturday sessions, but we’ll be done by the morning of the 14th.

William Marotti,
Director, JAG